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Cabinetry 101

Helping you understand the ins and outs of cabinetry

Aristokraft’s selection of door styles, wood types, finishes, mouldings and organization solutions gives you a wide range of possibilities to make your dream room come true. These choices can be overwhelming, though, if you don’t have a basic understanding of cabinets and their differences. Explore these helpful cabinet terms and elements to become your own expert.

Wood Compounds

Our cabinets feature various wood compounds to provide strength and durability, including:

  • Particleboard/Furniture board – A feature of our standard construction, this board is made from a mixture of real wood shavings and binding material, such as resin, which are refined and bonded together through high-heat compression.

  • Plywood – A panel made from an odd number of veneer layers in combination of lumber core, particleboard, MDF core and hardboard core joined with an adhesive. The grain of each layer runs at right angles to the next. All plywood components meet ANSI/HPVA HP-1 standards, and may contain MDF or particleboard.

Door Details

  • Raised panel – The center panel of the door is elevated

  • Recessed or Flat Panel – The center panel of the door is set lower

  • Full Overlay – The door of the cabinet covers the entire face frame

  • Partial Overlay – The door of the cabinet overlays a part of the face frame


At Aristokraft, we’ve designed a world of innovative, smart organization to ensure your spaces are both beautiful and functional. You’ll find a place for everything – from large and bulky items to small accessories.