New Products

Cabinet Storage and Organization

New and Easy Ways to Design in Familiar Spaces

Cabinet improvements this year make better use of space and provide greater flexibility through additional sizes and updated style, design and storage options. Think less about limitations and more about the possibilities.

AokOpenShelvesOUmbA12" Deep Open Base Cabinet

Designed to flatter favorite items by displaying them front and center against the wood grain of the back cabinet wall. Now favorite bowls or treasured recipes are easy to reach and don't get lost in the shadows.




AokBsBoxColPoutOUmbS6" Wide Base Pullout Cabinet

This convenient cabinet size offers more than double the storage space of the 3" version it's replacing. A better use of the available design area, it keeps smaller but often-used kitchen items close at hand.

Optional overlay with matching profile available (shown in photo).



Benton_mergedAdaptable Wall Vanity Sink Base for Baths (ADA Compliant)

The Adaptable Wall Vanity Sink base is ideal for bathrooms that may need to convert from ADA compliant to conventional bath. Or back again. Stylish while meeting the standards for wheelchair accessibility, it's a comfortable fit for homes where lives are in transition or occupants frequently change. Conversion is simple and can be easily done anytime change is needed. 



AokMullionDoorOUmbAAdditional Wall Cabinet Sizes

Having so many additional size options allows you to turn any space into an amazing room. Wall Open, Mullion, and Prepped-for-Glass Cabinets let you customize looks. While your door choice may stay the same, each design can be distinctive, and without any costly upcharges.




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