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New CORE & PLUS Options

Choices = Possibilities

Choosing CORE lets you confidently take on any project knowing there are six decades of experience behind you. PLUS steps it up with its broader cabinet style palette. Our newest introductions further streamline your choices and standardize quality features you can count on.

AokHinge34shelfOUmbCNow Standard: 6-way Adjustable Hinges & 3/4" Thick Shelves

Easily align doors; side-to-side, up and down, in and out. Get a clean, streamlined look with just the turn of a screw.

Thicker shelves on wall cabinets prevent sagging over time and provide a secure base for heavier dinnerware and serving pieces.



AokButtDrWinMWiC2PLUS Platform Features Butt Doors

One defining difference between CORE and PLUS platforms, Butt Door design is now widely preferred. It's easy to understand when you see how simple storing and accessing dishware of all shapes and sizes becomes. 




BentonMAqD2retBenton Door Style Moves to PLUS Platform

The PLUS platform now encompasses all paint options and PureStyle™ laminate for ease when making creative design choices.





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