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New Products

New Hoods and Cabinet Mouldings

Clean Lines

Many of today's streamlined designs call for straightforward, no fuss elements. These simple, transitional options fit the bill perfectly.

Shiplap Wood Hood

Shiplap wood hood in Glacier Gray on Maple

Fitting for the farmhouse trend that is taking kitchen design by storm, the Shiplap Wood Hood is the perfect hood to further enhance the design.

Tall Wood Hood

Tall wood hood in Glacier Gray on Maple

Sleek in design, the Tall Wood Hood complements a variety of design styles with its streamlined appearance.

Large Cove Crown Moulding

Large cove crown moulding for cabinets

Top off the space with Large Cove Crown Moulding, putting the finishing touch on a room that exudes simply stunning vibes.

Shaker Starter Moulding

Shaker starter moulding for cabinets

There's no need to overcomplicate things, and the Shaker Starter Moulding is proof that clean, transitional styling can be made into a work of art.