New Products


Our focus on cabinet product details translates into  beauty and function you didn't even know you needed!  Exciting details like statement-making ventilation hoods and handy helpers geared for specific storage are today's project must-haves.

Batten Hood


Tell your story with style--beautiful ventilation hoods are sure to punctuate your setting with panache!  Whether your home is traditional or transitional, our new Batten Hood makes the perfect statement either way!

Tray Divider Roll Out


A + for accessibility!  Ever struggled with cookie sheets or baking stones all stacked together?  Easy does it with our Tray Divider Roll Out.  It efficiently stores those large items vertically, and glides out to meet you with a gentle tug.  

Wall Appliance Garage


Minimize counter chaos with our Wall Appliance Garage, available in both a diagonal and straight format.  We think you'll agree, it's the perfect solution for keeping clutter at bay and tucked away!