Interior view of an Aristokraft cabinet drawer

Design Your Room

Cabinet Construction

Sturdy Construction. Solid Value.

A beautiful, functioning cabinet starts with smart construction. The following overview provides an outline of general cabinet terms and construction options. Your designer will be able to answer questions about which options are available and recommend the best solution to meet your needs.

Construction Details

Every Aristokraft cabinet features:

  • Standard, Select and All Plywood* construction options

  • 3/4" solid wood face frames

  • Natural Maple laminate interiors

  • Butt doors on cabinets 27" - 36" wide

Cabinet Construction Options

Aristokraft offers Standard, Select and All Plywood cabinet construction options, meaning a budget-friendly solution exists for your design.

Standard and Select

Close-up of cabinet with standard Aristokraft construction

  • Hinges – 6-way adjustable hinge on Standard; quiet, 6-way adjustable Smart Stop™ self-closing hinge on Select

  • Sides  3/8" thick furniture board with matching laminate exterior

  • Back  3/8" thick furniture board

  • Top/Bottom  1/2" thick furniture board top and bottom on wall cabinets; 3/8" thick furniture board bottom on base cabinets

  • Corners  Four furniture board corner braces on base cabinets

  • Wall/Tall Shelves  Adjustable 3/4" thick furniture board

  • Base Shelves Adjustable 3/4" thick half-depth furniture board and adjustable 3/4" thick full-depth furniture board on open & full height base cabinets

All Plywood*

Close-up of cabinet constructed of all plywood

  • Hinges – 6-way adjustable Smart Stop self-closing hinge

  • Sides  3/8" thick plywood with matching laminate exterior

  • Back  3/8" thick plywood

  • Top/Bottom  1/2" thick plywood top and bottom on wall cabinets; 3/8" thick plywood bottom on base cabinets

  • Corners  Two lineal plywood front-to-back stretcher rails on base cabinets

  • Wall/Tall Shelves  Adjustable 3/4" thick plywood

  • Base Shelves  Adjustable 3/4" thick half-depth plywood, and adjustable 3/4" thick full-depth plywood on open and full-height base cabinets

Drawer Construction Options

The cabinet construction option you choose also affects the construction of your drawers.


Close up of standard construction cabinet drawer

  • Box – 1/2" thick furniture board sides, front and back

  • Bottom  3/8" thick furniture board, fastened into four sides

  • Guides  3/4 extension, side-mount epoxy-coated

  • Joinery  Stapled butt joint

  • Depth  20" on base cabinets

Select and All Plywood*

Close up of upgraded cabinet drawer showing thicker box, concealed guides and dovetail joint

  • Box – 3/4" nominal thick all wood sides, front and back with clear topcoat

  • Bottom  1/4" thick plywood, fully captured on four sides

  • Guides  Concealed, full-extension drawer guides with Smart Stop quiet closing mechanism

  • Joinery  Dovetail joint

  • Depth  21" on base cabinets

*All plywood components meet ANSI/HPVA HP-1 standards, and may contain MDF or particleboard.