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Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Top Three Must-haves for YOUR kitchen!

Our sales figures show that these items are non-negotiables when planning your beautiful space for function and convenience.

FUN FACT: According to national surveys a buyers biggest regret was not investing in convenience items…they wish they would have spent MORE!

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Base Wastebasket


#1 for convenience, building in a wastebasket eliminates the dilemma of where to put a trash receptacle and negates the possibility of having an unsightly accessory!

Roll-out Trays


Every year, in reviewing sales figures for customer must-haves, roll-out trays are perennial chart toppers. Whether placed in pantry cabinets or added to base cabinetry, roll-out trays add ease to everyday living.

Tray Dividers


Finding a place to put oversize items like cookie sheets and cooling racks just got easier! With stationary or roll-out options, built in tray dividers allow vertical “filing” of those hard-to-store necessities!