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Kitchen Design Styles

Find YOUR Look

Love where you live with design elements that speak to your personality! Three major style sets create the foundation for building a theme for a home that is as unique as you. Learn more about them here.



A balance of modern and traditional looks that come together in the most pleasing way describes the timeless elegance of transitional design.  Blending old with new, masculine with feminine,  creates a fresh look that’s easy to love, easy to live.

Hallmarks of transitional design include:

  • Neutral colors

  • Tone on tone color palettes

  • Contrast in tone and texture

  • Minimal accessories



Contemporary, by definition,  is in the moment--what is happening right now in design. Constantly evolving, with filtered focus on a variety of global styles, contemporary design is fairly ambiguous and doesn’t refer to a specific period of time.

Aspects of transitional design include:

  • Neutral palettes

  • Clean lines

  • Organic silhouettes

  • Stark minimalism



Also defined as classic; traditional design is nothing if not predictable. Featuring European influence from the 18th and 19th centuries, timeless elements exemplify elegance and comfort in today’s home.

Characteristics of traditional design include:

  • Mid-tone to deep rich wood finishes

  • Detailed wood work

  • Carved mouldings

  • Symmetrical lines