Learn About Cabinets

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Cabinetry 101

Buzzwords – be in the know!

If you are a planning a project you’ll want to learn the lingo! Peruse common cabinet terminology to understand “cabinet-speak”.

Face Frame


The “picture-frame” like area that cabinet doors are attached to.

Full Overlay


When a cabinet door covers almost the entire face frame.

Partial Overlay


When a cabinet door covers part of the face frame, leaving some of it exposed.

Flat Panel


The center panel is recessed into the door frame. Shaker doors are flat panel, while other flat panel doors may be more decorative.

Raised Panel


A more decorative door style featuring an elevated center panel in the door frame.

Slab Drawer Front


A drawer front that is a solid piece of wood or other material, typically with a profiled edge around the perimeter.

5-Piece Drawer Front


A drawer front that is built like a door, with a frame surrounding the center panel, equaling 5 pieces to complete the look.

SmartStop / SoftClose


Optional drawer guide and door hinge mechanisms that softly allows doors and drawers to close without slamming.